“Evolving” a Digital Painting by Ara For Your Frame TV


 Evolving – a Digital Painting by Ara For Your Frame TV


"Evolving" a Digital Painting by Ara For Your Frame TV

This painting is titled Evolving; it is part of my current focus on Abstract Expressionism. In other words, I use abstract shapes and forms to express however I feel at the moment. Most times, I do not plan to paint any specific way; I simply let the moment, and my hand guide the work. In this manner of working, one often is very pleasantly surprised!!

The medium I use is digital software. In the past, I have painted with oils and watercolors, and while I do miss the rich texture of those paints on paper and canvas, I must admit that the ease of making a digital painting beats all of that. I do not need to have turpentine smells invading the room at all times, nor do I need tons of space for my studio.

This digital painting has been optimized for frame TVs, and other TVs and computers. If you have a frame TV, you are good to go. You can also use these paintings as screensavers on your smart TV or computer.

How to buy this painting:

Love it? Well, you can buy it right here.

Once you checkout on this site, you will get a link to the downloadable picture. Follow the instruction for your frame Tv or smart TV to enjoy it on your screen.

And while you are here, check out my other works. I keep adding new pictures every week so keep checking in for beautiful, colorful abstract pictures.

Important things to note:

  • As noted above, you are buying a digital art piece; all sales are final, and there are no returns or refunds allowed with these digital works.
  • The download link you receive will allow you to, well, download a high resolution image of this work, that should work great on Frame TVs and TVs in general. The image is not suitable for printing, bear that in mind.
  • Also the download link will expire in 7 days, so make sure you download the image in good time.


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